• National Tour
  • No Membership
  • Event Management Tool
  • 3 Levels of Sponsorship
  • Marketing Tools
  • Buyers Club (Tents, Ball Stops, Tees, Medals, Banners, Accessories)



Event Management Experience-

  • 1-2 Years
  • 3-6 Years
  • 7 or more Years

Event Size-

  • 1-5 courts
  • 6-10 courts
  • 11 or more courts


  • Leagues
  • Tournaments

Venue Options-

  • Ability to Display Product
  • Ability to Sell Product

Partner Qualities-

  • Involvement & Commitment to the sport
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Satisfaction Score

Expectations & Requirements-

  • Feature Court(s)
  • Molten Game Ball
  • BracketPal Event Management
  • VBN Live Stream Finals
  • Awards Presentation Area
  • RoxVB Medals & Tournament Tees?
  • Certified Official at each event?
  • Medical/Trainer Station
  • Must engage through Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Allow all teams that enter to participate based on space availability.
  • No discrimination is allowed based on any outside factors.


Promoter Levels:

PEBBLE – Level 1

  • 1 Box of Promo Items
  • Up to 50 Series Tees
  • Up to 60 Medals
  • $1,200 Value


STONE – Level 2

  • 4 Ball Stops – 2Rox Volleyball/2Molten
  • 1 Box of Promo Items
  • Up to 100 Series Tees
  • Up to 120 Medals
  • $2,400 Value


BOULDER – Level 3

  • 1 Tent
  • 8 Ball Stops – 4Rox Volleyball/4Molten
  • 1 Boxes of Promo Items
  • Up to 150 Series Tees
  • Up to 240 Medals
  • $4,500 Value


Register your events with the local governing body (USAV-AAU-VA-etc.) you have chosen to provide the COI. Please send your approved final event calendar to The RoxVB Series advisory committee will review the applications and the event calendars to award a promoter agreement level of support. Calendar sharing is very important inside a 2 hour radius of other RoxVB Series Qualifier(s). A RoxVB Series Qualifier(s) will be an overlay to your existing tournament with event tees, awards and bids to the RoxVB Series National Championships. While running a RoxVB Series Qualifier we will require you use for event management and (VBN) for live broadcasting of your event finals. RoxVB Series will allow us to determine who has the best athletes from all organizations across the United States. The recorded finals will be saved to VBN on the Rox Volleyball channel for college coaches to review for years to come. Together WE Can Grow the Game and Unit the Sport of Volleyball.