ABOUT RoxVB Series - Uniting the Sport of Volleyball


The RoxVB Series was founded to bring players together, regardless of affiliations and governing bodies, and without a membership fee.  That's right, there is no membership charge to play in a RoxVB Series event by design.  We want athletes to have the opportunity to play top competition as well as have fun!  The RoxVB Series Championship is in its 4th year and has been rated as the favorite event of the season by many players and parents.  Come out, play hard and enjoy the fun and you'll see why!!


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Rox Volleyball was founded in 2008.  The idea behind the Rox Volleyball brand was to transcend the world of volleyball apparel by fusing performance and function with trendy and fashionable style. A team of current and former volleyball players created the brand and hold to the idea of a uniform being perfectly functional yet stylish enough to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends. The Rox Volleyball brand is defined as “serious gear for hardcore competition”, and as a athletic brand where “performance meets fashion”.  For more information about Rox Volleyball please visit: www.RoxVolleyball.com.