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The RoxVB Series unites beach volleyball families across the United States by offering a National Championships with no athlete membership requirements and establishes unmatched quality standards for all participating tour promoters.


Rox Volleyball is proud to continue the RoxVB Series, a  National Championship Series. The decision to launch the series in 2015 was based upon the expansion and growth of Rox Volleyball to a wider audience.  We now have have great tour promoters who identify the top talent in the USA by offering a non-membership based tour.


Additionally there is no membership cost to tour directors who decide to partner with the RoxVB Series. Affiliates gain access to BracketPal.com an elite online event management tool. Other features that the RoxVB Series offers their tour promoter and participants include:


  • Athletes can compete in a National Qualifier for an opportunity to win a bid to the 2017 RoxVB Series National Championships in Georgia.
  • The RoxVB Series Qualifier does require a separate membership. Existing tour promoters can continue their current tournament model and award bids to the RoxVB Series National Championships.
  • The RoxVB Series provides free marketing material for tour partners based on their tour size and participation levels.
  • The RoxVB Series will award bids to select tournaments across the US for tour partners that can meet minimum quality standards.
  • The RoxVB Series recognizes any existing tour that meets minimum quality standards, regardless of their membership program.
  • The RoxVB Series National Championships allows athletes from any recognized tour to participate, regardless of their respective membership affiliation.



Rox Volleyball was founded in 2008.  The idea behind the Rox Volleyball brand was to transcend the world of volleyball apparel by fusing performance and function with trendy and fashionable style. A team of current and former volleyball players created the brand and hold to the idea of a uniform being perfectly functional yet stylish enough to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends. The Rox Volleyball brand is defined as “serious gear for hardcore competition”, and as a athletic brand where “performance meets fashion”.  For more information about Rox Volleyball please visit: www.RoxVolleyball.com.